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BW Walch Launches Revolutionary Collaborative Math App: BoomMath

BoomMath increases student engagement and understanding and provides teachers with real-time feedback to identify gaps in student learning.

BW Walch, the leader in innovative educational technology, is proud to announce the launch of BoomMath, the first collaborative reading and writing application dedicated to improving math literacy. Developed to help math teachers solve one of today’s most pressing problems, this revolutionary app offers a unique platform where students can work together to understand and explain key math topics.

BoomMath provides students with access to important concepts and vocabulary words that are relevant to their current math studies. Through interactive activities such as answering mathematical questions, voting on answers and being able to see how their peers approach a problem, students will become more comfortable and literate. This type of collaboration helps foster a spirit of understanding amongst students whilst also encouraging critical thinking skills.

“We are excited to offer educators an innovative way to help students learn math in a collaborative environment," said BW Walch CEO Al Noyes, "BoomMath increases student engagement and understanding by providing them with the tools they need to understand and work together on math activities and problem solving through the language of mathematics."

In addition to its collaborative focus, BoomMath also features interactive experiences that make learning fun and engaging. With colorful visuals and simple navigation, it’s easy to dive into the world of mathematics. Plus, there are options for teachers who want more control over their classroom's learning experience with customizable settings for each activity. This aligns perfectly to NCTM’s goal of “helping students develop reasoning and build mathematical communication”.

BoomMath helps teachers understand students’ levels of math anxiety and builds confidence by asking pre and post questions about their attitudes and giving them a safe way to express themselves in math classes. Teachers receive invaluable feedback since they can observe student attitudes and thinking in real ,time.

"At BW Walch we believe in empowering teachers through the smart application of technology" said Chris Twyman, BW Walch President, and co-creator of the award-winning BoomWriter app that BoomMath is based on. "Engaging students in the math classroom has become an increasing challenge, and the importance of math literacy is widely understood but seldom addressed. BoomMath bridges these gaps and students can have fun at the same time."



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