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Announcing Curriculum Engine ’22—now with almost 20,000 curated, easy-to-search math resources.

“The only platform that can rapidly tailor and deliver lessons and courses”

“The best solution for addressing learning loss and accelerating learning on each district’s terms”

Walch’s patent-pending Curriculum Engine®, launched in 2019, is the “iTunes for Education.” It provides districts and teachers with a curated, organized and readily accessible repository of vetted proprietary and OER resources and tools to take control of their lessons, courses and assessments.

The Curriculum Engine works with school districts on their own terms and supports the use of their own resources, integrating with their existing LMSs and SISs. Tailored resources and courses can even be put natively on the district’s chosen platforms and purchased permanently.

“We are delighted to make Illustrative Math’s Middle School resources available on the Curriculum Engine. Their award-winning and proven problem-based program provides a sound foundation for effective and ‘concept-developing’ math instruction,” said Joanne Whitley, Walch’s Senior Director of Mathematics. “Walch now provides a solid and supportive continuum of aligned and customizable resources from grade six through high school.”

“Of course, Illustrative Mathematics is available through other EdTech companies, including Kendall Hunt, Accelerated Learning, LearnZillion, Kiddom, and McGraw Hill,” said Al Noyes, Walch’s CEO. “Our Curriculum Engine’s unique ability to give districts control over their resources, and assist them as they tailor, enhance and extend lessons and courses to meet the needs of their schools, teachers and students, is what sets us apart. The days of ‘one size fits all’ are long gone.”

Walch will continue to grow the platform and ingest more resources as we provide authentically aligned versions of all resources for GSE, NC, FL and CCSS. For those who require print complements, Walch’s “workbooks on demand” functionality, piloted this summer with Cobb County, allows schools and teachers to develop completely customized workbooks cost effectively, enhancing student engagement and reducing waste.

About Walch Education

Walch Education is a leading developer and publisher of online teaching and learning solutions and tailored curriculum. Adapted to fit the needs of each state and district partner, Walch’s proven solutions give teachers what they need to extend and enhance student learning. The company’s Curriculum Engine leads the way in a new category of “Curriculum-as-a-Service” offerings, helping teachers teach more effectively so that students can succeed. Curriculum Engine is a uniquely turnkey solution, enabling school districts to rapidly tailor high quality resources and answer the need for purpose-built accelerated learning support.

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