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8 Pieces of EdTech Every Teacher Needs

As a teacher, you likely remember your own school experience, in which classroom interactivity stretched to whiteboards and rolled-out TVs. But now with so much classroom technology ready and available, there’s no time like the present to amp up your teaching style. If you don’t know where to begin with the digital teaching revolution, take a look below at some of our favorite tools to get you started. You’ll soon be your students’ fave teacher!

For reading


It’s no secret that reading has plenty of benefits. From improving emotional intelligence to increasing concentration, there’s nothing quite like diving into a good book (take a look at our blog on reading quietly vs reading out loud for more insights!). Though, children don’t always see it in the same way. BoomReader is an interactive way for students to log their reading, with rewards and challenges to keep them engaged. It’s also handy for teachers, who can keep a record of their class’s reading habits, allowing you to easily alter your teaching to suit your classes needs! Get your students competing against each other to see who can read the most and you’ll soon see them much more engaged in literacy lessons.

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For writing


Is the next Stephen King, or A.A Milne in your midst? BoomWriter might just be the thing that kickstarts one of your student’s literary careers! Through BoomWriter, kids are given the first chapter of a story, and then work together as a class to finish the entire book, chapter by chapter. Not only does it boost their literacy and creative skills, but also teamwork, as students collaborate to create a finished project. Plus, at the end, each student receives a published copy of the book to treasure and keep forever.

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For learning about the world


If there’s one way to get your class excited to learn, it’s through VR. NearPod is an innovative, immersive approach to lessons. It contains over 450 virtual tours which can help students explore and learn more about the world – right from the classroom! Use it to make lessons on science, history, culture or anything else that little bit more exciting and interactive, and explore the world right from the desk!

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For organizing the classroom

Google Classroom

We all know that teaching can get a little overwhelming at times. But there are resources out there to make life a bit easier. Google Classroom allows you to streamline all of your important stuff, from lesson plans to homework. Use it to prepare and schedule tasks and assignments, monitor marking, track student progress and organize your lessons!

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For lesson planning


Want to make lesson planning simpler whilst still engaging your students? Buncee has thousands of templates and ideas at your disposal. Use it for classroom activity inspo and to make your lessons more engaging – all without the hassle of creating templates yourself. You can also use Buncee to manage classes, give grades and feedback and monitor student progress!

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Twinkl is another great tool for teachers who want to cut time on lesson planning. Twinkl contains over half a million lesson plans, classroom activities and teaching tools – created by teachers, for teachers. Twinkl’s hub even has a collection of AR education materials, to really level up your lesson planning!

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For engaging lessons


What student doesn’t love a class game? Kahoot is an online platform that allows you to discover, play and even create your own quizzes - no matter the subject. Keep your class engaged with multiple choice questions, which students answer using their own devices. Kahoot also has a bunch of other content to spark curiosity, including open-ended questions to encourage debate, as well as word clouds and brainstorms.

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For learning math


If you’re looking for a way of teaching your students math that actually makes sense, look no further than Matific. Matific is an online math resource that uses real life objects and scenarios to give children a clearer understanding of math. Peruse thousands of math-based activities and quizzes for an engaging, interactive and simplified way of learning!


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Want more teacher tips and tricks? Head to for more useful classroom content!

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